• The Company NIEŚWIEC

    Znak jakości As a family company we function since 1933 and from the very beginning we produce high quality wooden windows and doors. Our windows and doors are made according to european norms and signed with CE mark.

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  • Wooden windows and doors production technology

    The highest production quality standars, experienced workers as well as modern technology is a guarantee that you will get the wooden windows and doors of your dreams.

Internal wooden doors



Variety of colours and shapes of internal wooden ful land glazed doors.

In our offer you will find wide range of wooden internal doors. We propose doors made of many wood species in any shape and dimension, full, glazed, two-sash, sliding. We offer many kinds of ornamental glass, handles etc. Thanks to that it is possible to satisfy all customers demands.

These are some of our internal doors patterns:

Wzór 1
Wzór 2
Wzór 3
wzór 1
wzór 2
wzór 3
Wzór 4
Wzór 5
Wzór 6
wzór 4
wzór 5
wzór 6
Wzór 7
Wzór 8
Wzór 9
wzór 7
wzór 8
wzór 9
Wzór 10
Wzór 11
Wzór 12
wzór 10
wzór 11
wzór 12
Wzór 13
Wzór 14
Wzór 15
wzór 13
wzór 14
wzór 15
Wzór 16
Wzór 17
Wzór 18
wzór 16
wzór 17
wzór 18