• The Company NIEŚWIEC

    Znak jakości As a family company we function since 1933 and from the very beginning we produce high quality wooden windows and doors. Our windows and doors are made according to european norms and signed with CE mark.

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  • Wooden windows and doors production technology

    The highest production quality standars, experienced workers as well as modern technology is a guarantee that you will get the wooden windows and doors of your dreams.

Window sills.



We offer a wide range of external and internal window sills

Stone sills:
• natural granite,
• natural marble,
• agglomarble: aglomerate made of selected stone pieces connected with epoxy resins.
Internal postforming sills:damp-proof laminated chipboard.
External aluminium sills:
• plain: made of aluminium plate and powdery painted,
• tile: profiled aluminium plate – tiles shape.
In our seat all internal and external are sills displayed.